Garage Door Repair & Installation


Bent panels, Sagging Panels, Broken Hinges, Rollers broken or worn. All of these can affect the operation of your Garage Door and if not repaired can cause even more damage possibly causing the entire door to be replaced. Bent panels often cost more to replace than it does to put in a new door. Have us take a look to see what the problem really is. Regular preventative maintenance is also recommended to keep the problem from getting even worse.Although there are many how-to books and even television networks geared towards do-it-yourself home improvement projects, if your garage door is improperly installed, it can be expensive to repair. That's why we recommend hiring a trained professional to install your garage door or repair your garage door.

We offer a full-range of overhead garage door styles for your home at competitive prices. Each has an assortment of styles and options available to beautify your home and create the ideal garage door solution for your needs for years to come. We also work with most garage door brands and can provide a solution for your garage door opener problems.


Installing a new garage door and opener may seem daunting at first, but if you take your time and do the job step-by-step, it's a good weekend project. It will take from nine to 12 hours for most doors, then another two to four hours for the opener. You will need help for some portions, such as lifting out the old door and lifting the new door up until the tension springs can be installed (some doors may weigh up to 400 pounds). You may need to remove an old door, or you may be installing in new construction. In this DIY video tutorial, you'll find step-by-step instructions for installing a garage door and opener in your own home.The instructions that follow will guide you through the general principles of sectional garage door installation. Be sure to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions implicitly.


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