Garage Doors Tips

Cleaning And Lubricating Your Garage Door

Dirt and leaves can accumulate in the rail guides and arm of your garage door opener. Periodically clear all debris, dirt, and dead insects from metal parts with a soft brush, and lubricate the drive chain with a light penetrating oil.

Minor Garage Door Adjustments

Occasionally garage doors need adjustment. Over time springs and cables stretch, and doors can go out of balance. Chains can sag, limit screws may have to be tweaked if doors aren't opening or closing completely, and safety sensors may need to be realigned in order for the safety shutdown feature of your garage door to work properly.

Adjusting the Garage Door Chain

The chain tension on your garage door should not sag more than 1/2" below the rail. Left uncorrected, the chain will bang against the rail causing the drive sprocket to wear prematurely. Tighten the chain with a flat head screwdriver until it rests approximately 1/2" above the base of the rail, being careful not to over tighten.

Incomplete Opening

If your garage door partially opens and then stops, the limit screw may need to be readjusted. The power unit will have an open force adjustment that you can turn clockwise until the problem has been corrected.
It should be clearly labeled. Be sure to unplug the opener before adjusting the unit, and plug it back in to test the results. A number of incremental adjustments may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

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